Fraser Island dingo.
Fraser Island dingo.

Two people fined thousands for feeding Fraser Island dingoes

TWO people have been fined thousands for feeding dingoes on Fraser Island, including one instance in which footage was captured of the incident.

The first incident happened on December 28, with footage showing an individual luring and allegedly feeding a dingo in the Orchid Beach residential area.

The second fine was issued on January 16 after a person was caught feeding a dingo near Waddy Point.

In both instances, a fine of $2135 was issued.

Minister for Environment and Science Leeanne Enoch said the fines served as a timely reminder that people need to be aware of the significant and serious consequences of feeding dingoes.

"The government is committed to supporting a sustainable and healthy dingo population and the increase in fines is intended to act as a significant deterrent to people interacting with dingoes in a way that can lead to their habitualisation," Ms Enoch said.

"Habituated dingoes pose a danger to visitors to the island and also leave the dingoes vulnerable.

"There is a zero-tolerance approach and we will use all means at our disposal to hold offenders accountable."

Ms Enoch said covert operations were being undertaken by the Queensland Police Service and Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service rangers to crack down on human interactions with dingoes.