SO CLOSE: Wide Bay Buccaneers missed the finals by just three goals.
SO CLOSE: Wide Bay Buccaneers missed the finals by just three goals. Matthew McInerney

U13 Buccaneers just three goals short of finals

FOOTBALL: Three goals prevented Wide Bay Buccaneers' under-13s from making the post-season but it still ranks as a hugely successful season for the young guns.

The Buccaneers beat Peninsula Power 2-0 at Maryborough on Sunday, but finished fifth on goal difference.

For coach Connor Gordon and co-captains Preston Cox and Scott Black, it was a good end to a fantastic year.

"When we started, we wanted to be competitive. That was our goal, but to go through and challenge for the premiership, and potentially make the top four is way more than we could've asked for," Gordon said.

"We wanted to make the top half and show teams we can beat them. To go through and have one team we couldn't beat all year is huge for us."

Jhairah Taylor finished as the team's top goal-scorer with 17 goals, followed by Cox (nine) and Ryan Mcaskill (eight).

Black and Cox were stoked to end the season with a win.

"It felt pretty good, we worked the whole game to come away with the result we wanted," Black said.

"The heat didn't help it, but our team, we had substitutions on the bench, everyone did their job, it was physical out there but we ended up winning so it was all right," Cox added.

Black said it was a tough season, but praised Gordon's persistence with the young team.

"It's been a pretty tough year all round. We came up against tough teams and I think the team did well bonding and playing together," he said. "It's been a pretty good season. Although the players on the field have to do the work in winning, we have a really good coach, and he has helped us through the season and persisted in making us good players."