Uber not on the road to Fraser Coast anytime soon

THE driving service Uber will not be making its way to the Fraser Coast any time soon.

The service, which is currently available in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, works by registering a person to drive passengers after showing their license, car registration and other ID.

But rumours about the app-based service coming to the region can be put to rest after an Uber spokesman told the Chronicle rolling out in regional Queensland was a long way down the road.

"Unfortunately, we have no current plans to launch in regional Queensland or the Fraser Coast," he said.

"We would like to launch in more regional centres but we are waiting on a regulatory response from government; we urge the Queensland Government to quickly begin their review of the point to point industry and implement sensible, safety-based ridesharing regulations..."

Fraser Island taxi driver Lisa Walker said if Uber were to come to the Fraser Coast, it would have a serious impact on taxi drivers.

"They aren't under the same restrictions as taxi drivers," she said.

"It's only amount of time before an accident happens and they're not covered properly. I'm not sure why the government hasn't done more to stop it."

State Member for Maryborough Bruce Saunders said he understood transport minister Jackie Trad recently met with the Taxi Council and was "looking into the issue." The current Queensland Taxi strategic plan expires next year.


Wayne Webster: We've travelled lots overseas and are always super impressed with Uber where it's offered. Lots cheaper, better service from owner drivers, no cash involved and beaut internet based booking/tracking system. It's the way of the future.

Irene Mcintosh: Hervey Bay taxi's very expensive recently travelled from mascot to circular quay for a lot less than it cost to go from HB airport to Pialba, probably 3 times the distance. Uber yes.

Nicki Hutley: Only if they have to pay the same exorbitant fees that taxi drivers do. How can the government allow one group to operate with no fees/licences/regulations whilst another group already in existence providing the same service has to buy a licence, pay extremely high rego and have strict regulations on their vehicles. How is that a level playing field?

Kerry Downs: Can't wait, so needs to happen.
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