Undivided council a Labor plan to 'retake Ipswich': MP

IPSWICH residents will be represented by an undivided council as part of a Labor Party plan to "retake" the city, an Opposition MP believes.

Ipswich City Council is closely guarding the results of its Boundary Review Survey, which asked residents to choose the model for councillor representation.

The result of the survey will be sent to Local Government Minister Stirling Hinchliffe for his consideration before he forwards a submission to the Local Government Change Commission.

LNP Scenic Rim MP Jon Krause believes Mr Hinchliffe has already made up his mind on having an undivided council.

He said it was Labor's "factional desire" to have control of the city's council.

"There's clearly a desire by the Labor Party to retake Ipswich City Council," Mr Krause said.

"An undivided council with no divisions hugely assists that."

"It's too expensive for individuals to campaign across the city."

Mr Hinchliffe has not publicly committed to a representation model but has hinted at change to Ipswich's representation.

Administrator Greg Chemello previously said he did not ask Mr Hinchliffe permission to do the boundary review survey and had no favouritism towards a particular model.

Mr Krause, the LNP's sole voice in the region, said he had "no reason to doubt what the administrator says about that".

He wants the council to release all submissions made to the boundary review report in an "open and transparent process".

A council spokesman said Mr Chemello has "already committed that the report will include all comments made by residents as part of the survey", which could be released by the end of this month.