Ugg boots
Ugg boots

Unethical businesses try to profit from popular ugg boots

ARE your ugg boots really made in Australia? The ACCC is asking the same question.

The commission received more than 3000 complaints and inquiries this year about small businesses or franchises, with shonky advertising making up one-third of them.

These include "credence claims", which includes products being mislabelled to hide their quality or where they are made.

ACCC deputy chair Dr Michael Schaper will launch the Small Business in Focus report on Wednesday at a summit in Brisbane.

Dr Schaper said the consumer watchdog was now working closely with smaller businesses to protect them from unethical competitors.

"The ACCC has been very active in policing credence claims in a wide variety of different markets," Dr Schaper said.

"From meat claiming to be sourced from King Island to Australian-made tags on ugg boots that are actually made in China."

In one example, a group named Koala Jack - owned by Happiness Road Investment Group - were labelling their sheepskin boots as made in Australia and must now offer refunds.

The ACCC publishes the Small Business in Focus report every six months.