The cafe team at Kathffeine (L) Tamika Spencer, Kathy Spencer and Brenda Lewin. Photo: Stuart Fast
The cafe team at Kathffeine (L) Tamika Spencer, Kathy Spencer and Brenda Lewin. Photo: Stuart Fast

Unique new M’boro cafe takes off during crisis

AN eatery catering to people with special dietary needs can be hard to find.

Kathy Spencer is doing her part to fill this gap in Maryborough.

She recently opened Kathffeine in Churchill St, just weeks before coronavirus restrictions came into force.

Ms Spencer knew her business would offer something unique to the Heritage City.

However, she could not have predicted the coronavirus crisis would impact the new business by cutting trade by half.

Restrictions have forced the cafe to serve takeaway exclusively, in an effort to keep the three person team employed and the business viable.

Though the cafe is still young, Ms Spencer said regular customers still made the effort to support it during the crisis.

She said part of the reason for this was her business prioritised people with specific dietary needs such as gluten free, those with food allergies as well as vegans and vegetarians.

Ms Spencer said there were few eateries which catered specifically to these customers.

By keeping the cafe open, people with dietary needs were able to access catered takeaway food otherwise unavailable during the crisis.

Ms Spencer said while she missed the social atmosphere of customers in the cafe and was hoping for a return to normality once the restrictions lifted, more people were coming to appreciate what the cafe had to offer.

The kitchen layout is designed to guarantee there is no cross contamination for those with dietary needs.

This includes using three separate ovens used by the business.

Examples of food offered by the cafe were gluten free cakes, scrambled tofu and vegan sausages.

Ms Spencer wanted to thank the Fraser Coast Regional Council for its support of the business during the coronavirus crisis.