Unseen footage from Channel 9 shows how close NSW was to a win.
Unseen footage from Channel 9 shows how close NSW was to a win.

Unseen footage shows NSW was robbed

The grey area surrounding NSW's claims of a robbery in game one of the State of Origin series has been removed.

The Blues objected immediately to referee Gerard Sutton after Queensland's 18-14 win in Adelaide on Wednesday night for failing to penalise the Maroons for laying all over James Tedesco and then blowing the full-time whistle after they believed the star fullback had played the ball.

Now they have emphatic proof the officiating blunder denied them a game-tying try.

Unseen footage from Channel 9 obtained by the Sydney Morning Herald shows Tedesco - after extricating himself from a pile of five Queenslanders who incredibly escaped a penalty - clearing the ruck before Sutton's whistle is blown.

Most of the focus post-match was around Sutton ending the game before time had reached 80 minutes - a decision which was explained away as being a result of the official clock being a couple of seconds ahead of the time Nine was displaying.

But the new vision suggests he should have held his whistle.

Despite NRL Head of Football Graham Annesley's claims "time had expired before the ball is played", it appears to be behind Tedesco at the hands of Boyd Cordner when Sutton ends the game.

The ball is already behind Tedesco as the whistle sounds.
The ball is already behind Tedesco as the whistle sounds.

Adding to the frustration is a wider shot of the field which wasn't shown during the broadcast but highlights a massive overload on the Blues' right flank.

Because of the pack of Maroons that had dived on Tedesco, the Queensland defence was badly exposed.

Angus Crichton, Clint Gutherson and Josh Addo-Carr were licking their lips as winger Phillip Sami stood as the only Maroons player to the right of the uprights.

Gutherson and Addo-Carr had already combined for two tries in the game and the likelihood of the Queensland defence - down to 11 men after Felise Kaufusi's send off for cynical play - scrambling well enough to prevent them from scoring appears incredibly unlikely.

Queensland's defence was badly exposed.
Queensland's defence was badly exposed.

The Herald revealed NSW Rugby League wrote to the NRL demanding an explanation on Thursday morning but Annesley was steadfast in his position Sutton had acted correctly.

"The way time is kept in all games for several years now is the timekeeper has a direct audio link to the referee's earpiece," Annesley said.

"With 10 seconds to go the timekeeper gives the referee a 10 second warning. At five seconds another warning then verbally counts down until full time. The whistle from Sutton wasn't blown prior to the timekeeper audibly saying to him full time."

Whether it was blown before Tedesco's played the ball - and whether NSW would have scored if allowed one more possession - is another question entirely.

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