Two dingoes have been involved in an attack on a child.
Two dingoes have been involved in an attack on a child.

UPDATE: Two dingoes involved in serious attack on child

UPDATE: The fate of two dingoes that attacked a nine-year-old boy near Orchid Beach has yet to be decided.

QPWS rangers remain at the scene and the boy is receiving first aid for injuries to his legs and buttocks.

The dingoes responsible for the reported attack have been identified.

Rangers are seeking further information about the incident.

Investigations are continuing, and no decisions have been made about the animals, a spokesman from the Department of Environment and Science said.

Previously, QPWS has used tracking collars to reduce negative interactions between dingoesand people.

When investigations have determined that dingo presents an unacceptable risk to the public, decisions have been made to euthanise the animals.

Rangers have not observed any obvious health issues with the dingo population after the recent fires.

The health of the dingo that live on K’gari is constantly monitored by experienced rangers and the animals are observed to be in overall good health and have an abundance of natural food resources.

People are reminded to be dingo safe and not to feed or interact with the dingoes, as this may contribute to their habituation and may have consequences.

Wongari that lose their natural wariness of people and become habituated may become aggressive while seeking food.

People are encouraged to remain vigilant and report any negative dingo encounters to a QPWS ranger or to phone 07 4127 9150 or email as soon as possible.

UPDATE: A boy has sustained four minor puncture wounds after a dingo attack on Fraser Island.

The attack happened about 9.30am on Orchid Beach.

Paramedics are treating the child.

EARLIER: Two dingoes have been involved in a serious attack on a child on Fraser Island.

Rangers are at Orchid Beach where the incident happened.

The child suffered bite wounds, according to the Department of Environment and Science.

First responders are giving first aid treatment to the boy.

More to come.