HOLIDAY CATCH: Trevor, from Brisbane, reeled in this ripper golden trevally while out on the water with Hervey Bay Fly and Sportfishing.
HOLIDAY CATCH: Trevor, from Brisbane, reeled in this ripper golden trevally while out on the water with Hervey Bay Fly and Sportfishing. ANDREW CHORLEY

BAIT YOUR HOOK: Urangan Pier is home to herring

A WINDY and wet week saw limited reports with many stuck to fishing inshore waters.

Hopefully we can get a break in the weather and get back on the water. Recent rains should stir up the creeks and get some bait and fish moving.


RECENT stormy activity has made conditions ideal for chasing mangrove jacks and barramundi.

Slow rolled soft plastics have got some good results along with prawn imitation lures.

Whiting will be good as we move to bigger tides with fishing around the mouth of the river getting the best results.

Flathead and bream can be found between the ramps along with the odd barramundi taking live baits.

Local reefs

THINGS have been slow the past week on the local reefs.

Clear water and change of season has seen many anglers struggle.

Fishing the night time tides has seen best results. Targeting species like coral bream with fresh baits has seen some good results.

School mackerel can be found off Point Vernon along with a few broad bar mackerel.

In the shipping channels, mac tuna are beginning to work in better numbers. The early part of the day has seen them much easier to tempt. Light leaders and small metal slices have gotten the bites.

Wide Grounds

Not much to report from the wide grounds of late due to weather. Crews that ventured over Break Sea Spit before the blow reported kingfish, job fish, parrot, amberjack, black marlin and Spanish mackerel.

With big swells this week it may be some time before crews venture outside again. Inside areas like the southern gutters and 25 fathom should hold some reef fish and pelagics.


Luke hooked this coral trout recently.
Luke hooked this coral trout recently. ANDREW CHORLEY

Platypus Bay

PLATYPUS Bay has had some tough fishing this week with conditions making things even more difficult.

Mac and longtail tuna have been working the surface but have been hard to tempt.

Early morning the best bite period. Golden trevally, grunter and blackall have been reported on the reefs.

Urangan Pier

IT SEEMS every herring in Hervey Bay is hanging out at the Urangan Pier. All this bait has attracted some of the best fishing for a few years for mackerel to the pier.

School, spanish and broad bar mackerel have been active on the pier with queenfish also being reported.

In the first channel flathead, whiting and bream have been coming in with some quality specimens being reported.

Sandy Strait

IN THE Sandy Strait, whiting have been about in good numbers, the building tides over the next week will be a good opportunity to get amongst them.

Live yabbies and blood worms have been working best with the flood tide in the evening getting the better fish.

Threadfin salmon have been active in the turkey straits and Mary River system and recent rains should get a bit of bait moving. Barramundi will be are target for many before the closed season on November 1.

Working the rock bars and deep snags with soft vibes has been producing good specimens.

Flathead and bream have also been reported coming from around the mouth of the Mary River.