OFF ROAD: Travis Daniel Worland, 23, from Redbank Plains, pleaded guilty to hooning charges.
OFF ROAD: Travis Daniel Worland, 23, from Redbank Plains, pleaded guilty to hooning charges. Ross Irby

Ute hoon pays a big price

IN a crackdown on a notorious hoon location just off the Logan Motorway police came across Travis Worland changing a flat tyre on his blue Ford ute.

The errant driver readily fessing up that he'd been doing a few burnouts and circle work.

Skid marks were seen on the road and a group of onlookers were nearby, an Ipswich court heard..

Worland's antics made worse by his being an unlicensed driver.

His beloved ute had already been banned from the road by police, who had confiscated its number plates.

But Worland went and stole plates off a stranger's car and continued to drive his ute.

The tradesman was arrested and charged with a dozen offences and this week went before Ipswich Magistrates Court.

Travis Daniel Worland, 23, from Redbank Plains, pleaded guilty to wilfully making noise/smoke in Noosa St at Heathwood on February 23; five charges of driving when unlicensed as a repeat offender; two counts of operating a vehicle during a number plate confiscation period; removing/tampering with a number plate confiscation notice; stealing; two counts of stealing fuel; and unauthorised dealing with shop goods.

The offences done within a month of each other.

Prosecutor Sergeant Matt Donnelly said Worland stole $50 worth of fuel at Richlands, and fuel valued at $79.74 at Bellbird Park.

In Goodna on February 13, Worland removed the number plate confiscation notice on his Ford ute, and on February 16 he stole registration plates off a car at Forest Lake.

"I would say his behaviour was childish and immature," Sgt Donnelly said.

"As a result, he has probably paid a high price finding himself before the court. His conduct snowballed."

Defence lawyer Kelvin Mateer said Worland was unemployed at the time and mixing with the wrong crowd.

"It probably was a little bit more than childish," Mr Mateer said.

"He's found employment and finished a traffic offender's program and enrolled in study again. He knows his past driving hasn't been stellar."

Mr Mateer said Worland would seek employment as a carpenter and make efforts to pay the previous fines owed to SPER - (State Penalties Enforcement Registry).

Magistrate Andy Cridland said he took into account the fact Worland needed to get to work in order to better himself.

And that stupidity was involved in his offending - Mr Cridland saying that police facts read that Worland went and stole registration plates and put these false plates on his ute in order to go out and do burnouts.

"It's accurate. It's often referred to as hooning," Mr Mateer said.

However, Mr Cridland said Worland went past that by going out and stealing the registration plates. But was now at an age when he was starting to develop some common sense.

He noted the very good reference from his employer.

Sgt Donnelly said he did not oppose shorter licence disqualification periods "so he can start making some positive decisions for a change".

Worland was fined $2500, and ordered to pay restitution for the stolen fuel.

His licence was disqualified for one month on each of the five driving while unlicensed offences.

Worland was told to check with the Department of Transport to see if the disqualifications would be added to make it a five month disqualification.