VALENTINES DAY: It's about love not money on Fraser Coast

I COULDN'T agree more with the Fraser Coast on a day that is over commercialised. 

Yes it's nice to see the love between two people recognised, but like our reader's have suggested, I am a big believer that the meaning of Valentines Day should be something we do every day. 


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Instead of buying your loved one a present on Valentines Day, why not simply share a memory or show them you care in your own special way each and every day. 

It's the simple things in life and the memories we create that are the most special.  

Are you a fan of Valentines Day?

This poll ended on 14 February 2017.

Current Results

No, I think it is too commercial and a waste of money


I think it's a nice way to recognise love


I think love should be a part of every day, not just Valentines Day


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

Don't get me wrong, I am all for being gifted because most will agree that it feels nice to be spoilt, but the memories are what we remember like sharing a special picnic on the beach or going to your favourite place to holiday - somewhere special for the two of you. 

We did a shout out on Facebook asking our readers how much they're spending this Valentines Day and the majority were more about love than money. 

Vanessa Blazek believes there shouldn't be one day. 

"It should be everyday," she said. 

Valentines day in romance with red rose
Are you going all out this Valentines Day? filmfoto

Robyn Gross would be happy with some rain on Valentines Day. 

Kez Martyn has a different Valentine.

"I've spent lots of dollars on my valentine in the last few weeks - I'm in love with my airconditioner," she said. 

Jo-Anne Burke spent zero dollars.  

"Society doesn't tell us what day we should tell each other we love them. Just another commercial day for florist," she said. 

Joy Oliver believes in spoiling each other all year round.

"We spoil each other all year round and celebrate our love all year round and we don't buy into the commercial hype of it all," she said. 

Robyn Gross believes it's too commercial.

"Love should be celebrated all year round," she said. 

Kareena Foyster isn't spending any money either.  

"We're just happy to have a nice meal together (but that would be nice any night)."