Vegetarians and vegans are facing off.
Vegetarians and vegans are facing off. Tanya Easterby

Vegetarian grills 'militant vegans'

A LOCAL vegetarian has hit out at militant vegans shoving their views down other people's throats.

Olga George, who lives at Berajondo near Rosedale, said she stopped eating meat more than 30 years ago, a decision she said was driven by ethics rather than for health benefits.

"There was no great announcement or pushing of my views on to others," Ms George said.

"In fact, I continued to prepare meat meals for my family who without any coercion also became vegetarian some 10 years later," she said.

She slammed vegans over this week's protests.

"The criminal actions of the present vegan demonstrators are doing nothing to further their cause, quite the opposite, showing themselves to be law-breaking, out-of-control zealots."

Ms George said everyone had the right to make personal choices, as long as it was within the law.

"Some might not agree with those laws but that does not give them the right to force their opinions on others," she said.

"If those laws are so odious to this group, then the intelligent path would be to try and change the law rather than destroying peoples livelihoods and disrupting ordinary people trying to go about their daily lives."

Ms George said the public needed to be educated about animal production practices in order to make informed choices.

"Nobody should turn a blind eye to any level of animal suffering."