Brothers in court for bashing drunken intruder

TWO young Hervey Bay brothers landed in court for bashing a man.

But it was their victim who was under the most scrutiny during proceedings in Hervey Bay District Court on Monday.

The siblings, who cannot be named because one was a juvenile during time of the crime, were aged 19 and 15 when a heavily intoxicated adult man entered their Pialba home.

 Dwayne Keith Terare, was known to the family but not described to be a friend.

He had consumed about 18 beers prior to his unwelcome late-night entrance on January 27 last year.

Mr Terare, aged in his early 30s, walked into the 19-year-old's bedroom while the teen was playing X-box.

The young man attacked the intruder, hitting him causing him to fall to the ground and then kicking him.

As Mr Terare exited the house, the younger brother attacked him, striking his face with a nulla nulla.

The two boys entered a guilty plea to assault occasioning bodily harm.

The court heard Mr Terare had been to the family's house on three occasions before, each time drunk and each time asked to leave.

Hours prior to the conflict, Mr Terare was charged with public nuisance after an altercation at a Hervey Bay pub during which he took off his shirt and challenged others to fight him, claiming to be a kickboxer.

The court heard the family of the boys continued to be harassed by the man since the incident.

A video, in which Mr Terare allegedly threatened the family, was played in court.

Judge David Reid asked that the video be investigated by police.

"Somebody needs to put an end to this absolute stupidity," Mr Reid said.

"He's a man to be avoided."

Mr Reid dubbed him as a "serial pest."

The older brother, now aged 20, was placed on 18-month's probation.

The young one, now aged 17, will spend six-months on probation.

Convictions were not recorded.