ONE phone call was all it took to get Hervey Bay fisherman Chad Runnalls to run the length of the Urangan Pier at 8pm on Friday, September 26.

What would possess him to do such a thing?

After several hours of night fishing, Mr Runnalls was making his way off the pier to grab a bite to eat when his mate, Dylan Brooking, phoned to say he had hooked a bull shark, weighing about 100kg.

"I went to get dinner and as I got to the start of the pier Dylan called me and said he hooked up to a shark," Mr Runnalls said.

"I had to run all the way back and by this stage 30 people had gathered around."

He said it took four people to bring it up out of the water.

"We pulled it up over the light pole to get photos and then threw it back. It swam away."

The shark was caught using a 1m broadbar mackerel for bait.

Mr Runnalls invites Fraser Coast residents to check out the newly created herveybaypierfishing Facebook site, where you can keep up to date with some of the latest catches off the Urangan Pier.