IF YOU'RE going to be stuck in airport due to flight delays, you may as well be treated to a song-battle from two of the world's most critically acclaimed music productions.

The Disney-on-Broadway battle royale began at New York's LaGuardia International Airport on Sunday night as passengers and cast were unable to fly due to storms.

Among those stuck in aviation purgatory were the entire Broadway casts of The Lion King and Aladdin.


Either to ease the gloom of fellow travellers or maybe to prove their mettle, the two casts went into battle.

The Lion King's cast performed the Circle of Life opening number, to which the Aladdin cast (led by Tony winner james Monroe Iglehart) tried to one-up with a freestyle rap.

At round two, Lion King came back with form, and the Aladdin casts smashed out their Arabian Nights.

No one was crowned winners, but all the customers seemed to appreciate the brief interlude.

Watch the full clip below: