INVENTIVE minds across the world are using 3D printing to bring all kinds of brilliant things into existence.

Take for instance the paper plane aficionado who used a cordless Chinese screwdriver with 3D printed parts to create a gun that not only fires, but also folds the origami aircraft from sheets of paper.

Have you seen anything like it? No, until you watch this video, you probably haven't.

Such impressive toys will keep adults and children amused and off the streets.

Speaking of children; it's always refreshing to see young people who can enjoy a drink that is not loaded with sugar.

A YouTube user, who wears an Apple polo shirt, uploaded vision of his son really enjoying a glass of water. And, yes, he is really enjoying that glass of water. That fact cannot be over-emphasised.

Of course, it didn't take long for sarcastic account holders to respond:

"Hope that is fluoride free and chlorine free water."

"Give him a glass of Mountain Dew. I bet it will blow his little mind."

"Plot twist: The water's been spiked!"

The video has already racked up 300,000 views.

And finally, internet video viewers have been training their eyeballs on a clip of a very well trained dog.

It's the kind of dog you'd want to have with you if you had to walk down a dangerous street in your local ghetto.