What should you do when selling the car?
What should you do when selling the car? Thinkstock

Vital steps when its time to sell or retire the car

Getting a driver's licence is one of the proudest moments in life, but the day we're forced to give it up is one we all dread.

It's not the loss of the licence many grieve, it's the freedom and independence that goes with it.

The emotional toll is also accompanied with a practical problem - working out what to do with a vehicle now destined to sit dormant in the garage.

Many decide to hand over their keys to a family member or friend, while others choose to sell.

Regardless of the option, there are processes that must be followed.

Those who decide to part ways with their car while it's still registered need to obtain a Queensland Safety Certificate and complete the transfer forms.

If the vehicle is unregistered, they'll need to surrender its number plates to the Department of Transport and Main Roads to properly cancel the registration.

By not following these steps, retired drivers risk being on the receiving end of red light and speed camera fines, and parking infringements that simply aren't theirs.

There's no doubt handing over the keys can be difficult, but these simple steps can save a big headache being added to the heartbreak of the end of the driving era.