Judah Kelly has lost a massive 40kg since December.
Judah Kelly has lost a massive 40kg since December.

Voice winner shows off 40kg weight loss

Many of us have been guilty of neglecting exercise during the lockdown period, but former Voice winner Judah Kelly certainly didn't.

The singer, who won the Channel 9 show back in 2017, has shed 40kg through boxing training since the start of the year.

"My coach is David Turner (who represented Australia in boxing at the Commonwealth Games)," Judah told news.com.au. "I met his daughter on The Voice - she was competing the same year as me.

Judah Kelly in August 2019 compared to now.
Judah Kelly in August 2019 compared to now.

"I knew he was training people and I went to catch up with him after the show and he had a session going and it piqued my interest."

Judah was hoping to record a third album this year and was set to tour nationally, but that all fell through when the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

"I made a decision to take the year off and to focus on the health side of my life which obviously I had neglected for quite some time," Judah told news.com.au.

"I've lost 40kg since December, but being so big already, you don't really notice 40kg missing. There's a long way to go yet."

Judah, who was on Delta Goodrem's team on The Voice, said he previously lost a lot of weight about five years ago.

Judah Kelly won The Voice in 2017.
Judah Kelly won The Voice in 2017.

"I actually lost a heap of weight in 2014 and I became quite depressed; it was weird," he told news.com.au.

"I didn't really have a goal back then. I had a lot of pressure in my life and thought if I became skinnier I would become happier.

"I became obsessed with getting skinny - and that just leads to a whole cycle of craziness. I was depressed even though I was the skinniest I'd been in ages.

"In the end, I figured I'd rather be fat and happy rather than super skinny and hating myself."

Judah piled the weight back on - but he is confident he won't be plagued by the same issues this time around.

"The first time around it was just about, 'Get skinny.' But where does that end? It doesn't," he said. "This time around I have a goal of what I want to do.

"I actually want to have a boxing fight, just amateur, but the only way to do that is to cut down to a heavyweight max … around 120kg."

In addition to training, Judah has also kept busy in lockdown by performing live on Facebook.

"I was going live and leaving a PayPal link and was explaining to people it was a virtual tip jar and they could donate if they wanted to," he told news.com.au. "That actually got me through.

"I'm lucky. I still live with my parents … so I don't need a whole lot of money coming in to survive."


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