Voters send questions for mayoral candidates ahead of forum

IN the lead up to the the Fraser Coast Chronicle's public forums, community members have got the ball rolling with their questions for our mayoral candidates?

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"Our only unopposed existing councillor, George Seymour, has vowed to revisit some of our more controversial past decisions of the last four years once the new council has been formed. So, are there any previously council endorsed decisions that these individual mayoral candidates would like to see reviewed...what are they...and what amendments would they personally propose and like to see eventuate?"

- Christine Hogan 


"My question is for mayor Gerard O'Connell...after inferring in an earlier story in the Chronicle that you were happy to name and list your campaign donors PRIOR to the election, why the sudden BACKFLIP with you now refusing to release them until AFTER the election?"

- Christine Hogan 

 "Why can't we de-amalgamate? Maryborough and Hervey Bay are to big for each other. They need to run on their own."

-Belinda Mason


"I have one question for Mayor Gerard O'Connell......since you have led FCRC my annual rates and charges (excluding the charge for water used) are now 19.99% higher than they were in 2011.....if you intend to "continue what you have started" does this mean that ratepayers in the FCRC area can expect to see their rates and charges rise by a similar amount over the next four years or will it be greater in order to fund your Sports Complex which has no funding from State or Federal Governments?"

- Ross Liesch


"Gerard why do you delete comments and block frustrated voters from asking everyday questions on your wall, it's like he doesn't want to answer. I guess if he's doing that it's showing his true colours."

-Graeme Colin Grew


Come along to the Fraser Coast Chronicle's free public forums and ask them about your most pressing election issues.

The Maryborough forum will be held on Wednesday at Brolga's Federation Room from 6.30pm.

Hervey Bay voters can take part at Hervey House at the RSL on Thursday from 6.30pm.