Constable Keenan was caught on camera tasering a driver.
Constable Keenan was caught on camera tasering a driver.

Shocking taser incident caught on camera

WARNING: Graphic content.

SHOCKING footage has emerged of a man being tasered by police after he was pulled over for a random breath test.

The incident, which took place in Fremantle in March last year, was filmed by one of the passengers in the car, and was released yesterday by the state's Corruption and Crime Commission.

The driver, who was given the alias Bill Holt in the report, was headed to dinner with his wife and a friend, when he was pulled over by three officers.

He did not have any alcohol in his system, but received a yellow sticker for a cracked windscreen and other defects on his Jeep vehicle.

After being told he was "good to go", Mr Holt flashed his lights at the officers to indicate he was going to drive forward.

The footage recorded on the passenger's phone shows an officer, identified only as Senior Constable Keenan, using a taser on Mr Holt before ordering him out of the car.

In the video, Mr Holt's wife - who was seated next to him - can be heard screaming hysterically, as another officer tells the friend in the back seat to stop filming.

The driver was arrested and confined in a cell for several hours.

According to the report, Constable Keenan had claimed there was a threat to police because the man flashed his lights to indicate he was going to drive away.

The CCC report found an ordinary citizen had been tasered for "no good reason" for being arrested and locked up.

"The Commission concludes there was no lawful jurisdiction for Mr Holt to be tasered," the report says.

"The tasering was unreasonable and oppressive."

Constable Keenan was not charged, but he has been stood aside.

Mr Holt told the ABC he was "glad" the watchdog had gotten involved, and would not confirm whether or not he was pursuing compensation.

"At the end of the day police deal with a lot of things in the line of duty. It's unfortunate how it's panned out," he said.

The CCC also criticised a second officer at the scene, named as Senior Constable Arnold, for attempting to bring a charge of obstructing police against the passenger who was filming. She was charged over the incident.

Constable Arnold and the other police officer at the scene remain in their jobs.