Sunbury Blues staying connected during coronavirus pandemic.
Sunbury Blues staying connected during coronavirus pandemic.

WALKING THE WALK: Sunbury kicking goals during pandemic

FOOTBALL: Sporting clubs always talk about being families and caring for each other but some don't necessarily walk the walk.

That is not the case for Maryborough's Sunbury Football Club.

The club was immediately on the front foot and was one of the first Fraser Coast sports clubs to cancel training for their teams.

"It is a hard situation for clubs to be in at the start of the season but we have to look after our members," president and senior coach Dave Chapman said.

Chapman is proud of the hard working club committee and the culture the club has developed over many years.

"We are a family club who communicate well.

It is important we acknowledge people who put in the effort for our club," he said.

An example of this hard work is how the club is engaging with their members during this pandemic.

"Some of our committee including Kylie Nitz and Lyn Sawtell came up with some ideas to keep everyone engaged and it seems to be working," Chapman said.

These ideas included engaging club members with weekly competitions.

The initial competitions included colouring in pages for younger players.

The older members were challenged to dress in their Sunbury kit and video themselves juggling a ball for as long as they could.

This week's challenge for all age groups is for members to send in an entry to the club's Facebook page about what they love about the club and their most memorable moment.

Entries can come via, video, drawing or a written letter.

Videos outlining drills players can do at home are also posted regularly to help players stay connected.

The club is also working with senior members to ensure their mental health is a priority.

"We have set up group chats and are keeping everyone engaged by talking about the issues that are effecting everyone," Chapman said.

He believes in hard times like this pandemic that club members lean on each other to get through.

The club also is posting updates on any information received about proposed season starts or pertinent football information.

Chapman understands that eventually the community and sporting clubs will come out the other side of the pandemic.

"The challenge is ensuring the club reacts in a positive way to get our football community back playing,"

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