Call to investigate alternatives to Toogoom rock wall

THE newly formed Toogoom Progress Association has called for further investigation before the council and State Government approve a 450m rock wall to combat erosion.

The owners of 16 Kingfisher Pde homes have been lobbying for the wall's construction for most of the year after summer storms brought the threat of erosion to within metres of their back doorsteps.

But Toogoom Progress Association president Neville Parton said although he wanted the properties protected, more should be done to ensure the wall would not ruin the nearby coastline.

Mr Parton said the council should investigate alternatives to a rock wall before pressing ahead with construction, and better assess the effect the wall could have.

"All TPA is asking for is an open, transparent environmental impact assessment with public comments allowed for the proposal, something which any development proponent is required by the council to complete," he said.

At its last ordinary meeting the council adopted a financing arrangement that will allow it to build the $1.4-$2.6 million seawall.

It would allow the council to build the 450m wall and the 16 homeowners to pay the costs back through a special rate across a number of years.

Infrastructure and planning councillor Trevor McDonald said he would look into the concern but he believed the project would pass through the same process as others.

"Like any other exercise, council must obey its own rules and would not undertake such a venture without an assurance that it was environmentally appropriate and compliant," he said.