TRY: Wallaroos fullback Joey Alberts scores a try during Sunday's win.
TRY: Wallaroos fullback Joey Alberts scores a try during Sunday's win. Alistair Brightman

Wallaroos hold on but Brothers leave happier

WALLAROOS won the game but Maryborough Brothers boasted the happier coach after their Bundaberg Rugby League game.

Wallaroos held on to beat Brothers 34-26 at Stafford Park in an effort that left Peter Waters unhappy.

While he gladly took the two competition points, the Wallaroos coach said he was disappointed at the poor handling and the lack of game control exercised by his troops.

"I'm happy with the two points but the execution was very average," Waters said.

His biggest concern was the lack of authority his players had on the game.

"We slowed to their pace didn't up our tempo, and it showed the way we play at the moment which is we're playing to the same pace as the opposition," he said.

"It's happened in all three games we've had this season. We have to play at our own pace, which is a lot more up tempo."

For Brothers coach Alex Dreger it was another opportunity lost.

Where last week it was lost at the start, Dreger said his side had every chance to run away with the game in the second half.

"We were on top, especially coming into half time we were really on top of them," Dreger said.

"When we were down there we showed we had the potential to do it but our own errors let us down again. Even though we got the loss I'm happy, it's improvement, and that's what you want to see every week.

"Once we get that first one hopefully it'll be a domino effect and we'll roll on."