Mount Pleasant Meat Specialists owner Craig Stewart.
Mount Pleasant Meat Specialists owner Craig Stewart. Lee Constable

Taste the meat that cost Gina Rinehart millions to buy

ONE bite of the wagyu beef on offer at Mount Pleasant Meat Specialist and Craig Stewart reckons you won't be surprised Gina Reinhart was willing to fork out millions for it.

For the past 12 months, the Mackay butcher has sold cuts of the wagyu cattle bred by Brookston Premium Wagyu Beef- the local graziers that secured a multi-million dollar transaction with Australia's richest businesswoman.

While Mr Stewart said he is partial to the eye fillet and the rump, "if he's going to have anything" it will be the wagyu beef sausages.

"Because of the quality of the fat, it caramelises quite differently to normal sausages," he said.

"It's quite decadent to eat. It leaves normal beef in a paddock with its hide still on, asking itself a few questions!"

The fact the business recently took out a swag of awards at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show backed up this claim.

At the national competition, the Mt Pleasant Meat Specialist won two silver medals for its product 'Hot Honey On Full blood Wagyu' and 'Steak Onion and cracked Pepper'.

It also took out three bronze medals for their pork sausages: honey macadamia, pork Mango and chilli.

All winners were selected by a judging panel of industry specialists.

"We are totally ecstatic with the awards we have received. Its a true testament to the quality in which we stand by and produce to. One of the most outstanding accolades is we topped point scoring in the in the gourmet section with the Hot honey on Full Blood Wagyu," Mr Stewart said.

"I am grateful to be backed by a quality local team of skilled butchers, chefs and apprentices in store, every day, day in day out. I would be nothing without my staff."

He also highlighted the "ultimate respect" he had for the Brookston Premium Wagyu Beef operators.