ALBERT Schmidt can remember his WWII deployment adventures to the Middle East as clearly as if they happened yesterday.

Memories of donkey races and travels throughout Egypt during his service between 1939 and 1945 have since made for great stories to tell his family, despite the hardships he faced.

It's not bad for the 101-year-old Pt Vernon man, who sometimes has trouble with his short-term memory, his family said.

Born in the year of The Landing, the year Australian and New Zealand troupes were gunned down as they advanced towards Turkish infantry men in Gallipoli, ANZAC day has a special significance for Mr Schmidt.

He pays his respects every year to remember his friends fallen in battle.

Mr Schmidt served with the New Zealand defence forces aged in his mid-20s.

He was recruited for battle while visiting the neighbouring country, but was returned from service after he was shot in the leg.