Here's why you had a hot night on the Fraser Coast

WHILE we didn't break any records, it was a warm night on the Fraser Coast with minimum temps well above average. 

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, Hervey Bay and Maryborough experienced temperatures almost nine degrees above average for August. 

If you threw the blanket off in the early hours of Wednesday it is because we had a warm 19.4 degrees about 4.30am in Hervey Bay and 18.1 degrees in Maryborough just before 7am.

According to the bureau, the warmer temps are due to northerly winds creating warm and moist air.

Overall Queensland has had one of its hottest August nights on record.

But don't get used to the warm nights, Friday is going to be significantly cooler.

Minimums are expected to drop to eight degrees in Hervey Bay and seven degrees in Maryborough, followed by seven degrees for the Bay on Saturday and six in the Heritage City.

Did you notice the heat last night? Join the conversation and tell us below.