Warren Truss.
Warren Truss. Craig Warhurst

Truss urges Aussies to get passionate about infrastructure

IT OUGHT to rank among the most boring words in language, but Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss wants Australia to be excited about infrastructure.

He tossed about enormous figures on Friday, including how there were now more than 900,000km of road across the country.

Passengers travelled a total of 175 billion kilometres in the past year just within capital cities.

He said with everything from highways, rail, freight and airports to airline passengers, broadband internet and water fall under the dry umbrella term, so people need to be passionate about it.

Mr Truss is both the member for Queensland's Wide Bay region and Infrastructure Minister.

On Friday, he helped release the latest book of Australian statistics from the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics.

Mr Truss said in the past decade to mid-2012, infrastructure investment helped improve the way humans and cargo could move.

Figures in the report also showed the most dangerous form of transport - in terms of human lives lost - was by road, with it almost 34-times more dangerous than transporting by plane.

Mr Truss said spending on infrastructure, particularly in mining, remained at "historically high levels" although spending had fallen from the investment peak of the past two years.



In the 2011-12 financial year:

  • $19.5b was spent on roads.
  • Aussie roads stretched 900,083km
  • 175b kilometres were travelled in capital city roads.
  • 12b kilometres were travelled by urban rail
  • Sydney airport had 35,987,000 passengers.