FROM golden nuggets to ballerinas and rainbows, Hervey Bay has hidden rocks to suit all imaginations.

Hervey Bay Rocks, an online community of people who decorate rocks and hide them for others to find, is holding a holiday scavenger hunt.

Supported by local businesses, organiser Andrea Aikenhead said every day from now on until January 27 a 'rock drop' would be posted on the 3,700 member-strong Facebook group.

"The post has a picture of the rocks and a clue to where they would be in Hervey Bay," she said.

"There are prizes like a voucher for JUMP Park up for grabs for those who find them.

"This is also aimed at people who are here on holidays, on the back of the rocks are the details for visitors."

The group began last May inspired by Queensland Rocks and Ms Aikenhead said provides fun for all ages.


Rock Hunter and Gatherers - (L) 7yo Maddie Gallagher, 4yo Hannah Gallagher, and 4yo Tully Gardner.
ROCK HUNTERS: Maddie Gallagher, 7, Hannah Gallagher, 4 and Tully Gardner 4 in Hervey Bay Botanical Gardens with rocks they decorated to drop them for others to find. Cody Fox

"It's an activity to do with your family, it not only practises mindfulness and relaxation but gets people to do craft activities and go outdoors to enjoy the scenery in Hervey Bay.

"It's cheap, social and gets the family to spend time together and off technology.

"We encourage people to take a picture of the rock they found, post it and re-hide it but of course if they really love it then they can keep it."

Fellow organiser Melissa Wright explained the holiday feedback had been fantastic.

"We have had people on holiday quickly go and make rocks to drop before they leave and take it back to their towns as well," she said.

"I only moved to the bay two years ago so it was great to meet people and explore the local sights.

"I never thought I would enjoy it so much myself as well."

Ms Aikenhead said it was about spreading kindness and joy in the community.

"We have also had locals discover new parts of the region when they see a rock drop in a place they haven't been to before," she said.

"Our vision is to be the number two thing that comes up when you search 'what to do in Hervey Bay'. First whale watching and then hunt for rocks in the gardens and esplanade."

"Thank you to our other organiser Lace Hoare and the on-going support from JUMP Park, Yo-get-it and Sundaes at The Pier."

For more information visit the Hervey Bay Rocks Facebook group.