Carbon Ignite sparks fire of art

WATCH: Meet Mr Ignite who plays with fire for a living

WE ARE often told not to play with fire, but Hervey Bay's Luke Ignite has decided to do it for a living.

The 31-year-old decided to quit his job as a security guard to follow his burning passion of fire breathing to do it full-time.

Performing under the name Carbon Ignite, Mr Ignite says his talent is so unique, he is the only fire breather on the Fraser Coast.

"I'm the only fire eater from the Gympie area all the way up to Rockhampton," he said.

BURN BABY: The Fraser Coast fire breather Carbon Ignite.
BURN BABY: The Fraser Coast fire breather Carbon Ignite. Electrick Possum

"There's no one on the Fraser Coast who performs professionally or on the Capricornia coast."


A self-described adrenaline junkie, Mr Ignite said he began playing with fire nearly five years ago and has been performing for the last two years.

"I think it's the only kind of alternate art which wow's people," he said.

"There's only a few who do it in Queensland professionally and they're mostly in Brisbane so I'm really wanting to expand it in the regional towns.

"People just freak when they see me perform because they don't know how I do it."

Despite having burned off some of his arm hairs, the danger does not repel Mr Ignite, it excites him.

So much so he wants to teach youngsters in the Bay how to do it.

Without the fire, of course.

Carbon Ignites' School of Alternate Arts teaches children all the tips and tricks of fire spinning using a dragon staff, hoops, fans and more.

He said those who take part learn concentration, balance, motor skills and creativity using basic circus skills and texture play.

Despite how impressive and exciting the performances are, Carbon Ignite warned youngsters not to try his stunts at home.