Happy birthday Beyoncé!
Happy birthday Beyoncé!

WATCH: Jay-Z creates birthday video for Beyoncé

THE Queen of the universe has turned 33, so her husband and fellow music royal Jay-Z has created a 33-second clip to honour her.

The clip for Beyoncé is exactly as polished as you would expect from the rapper considered among the greatest of all time.

She was so excited about hitting the dirty knees, she even did some pretty impressive moves on Instagram to say thanks.


It also puts a spanner into the whirring gossip machines that are hinting that the superstar couple could be about to part ways.

The rumour mill has been spinning at full speed since CCTV footage released online showed a fight breaking out between Jay-Z and Beyoncé's sister Solange.

He wraps up the clip by shouting "Yeah B!"

What else is there to say, really?