CAILEE Steen was having the time of her life learning choreography from some of the country's top dance professionals.

The 10-year-old took part in nine workshops at the Fraser Coast Dance Festival.

That means the Hervey Bay performer spent 11 hours of her weekend dancing.

"I had lots of fun meeting all the choreographers," she said.

Cailee has been dancing since she was about three years old and said these particular workshops were a highlight.

"Some of the dances we learnt were different from what I had been learning," she said.

"One combined contemporary and hip hop - it was really cool learning that."

Held at the Brolga, the event was a debut to the region which drew in dancers from across Queensland.

Indi Dower, 9, said that seeing both other dancers and choreographers was a major motivating factor.

"The girls I danced with were really supportive," she said.

"It was awesome getting to dance with some amazing dancers."

Indi also loved the unique element of the contemporary and hip hop workshop.

"The workshop focused on breathing and having fun with dancing, and connecting with people," she said.

Choreographers came from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane for the Fraser Coast Dance Festival.

About 80 dancers from across the state joined in.

Due to the event's popularity and success, next year's festival has been confirmed with tickets to go on sale soon.