JODIE and Nic Berkhout's Pie and Pastry Paradise shop on Main St could be one of the winners from the Federal Budget handed down on Tuesday night.

With a 2.5% tax cut offered to small businesses, bringing it down to 27.5%, Mrs Berkhout has labelled the Federal Budget as "great".

While she is yet to consult with a financial adviser about how her and her husband's business will be affected, she said any tax break for business meant increased opportunities for jobseekers.

"Any tax cut delivered to a small business increases the economy for that area," she said.

"It flows on to business innovation and research and development. Tax cuts which benefit small business absolutely benefit employment."

With four kids of their own, the Berkhouts are typical of the "mum and dad" style businesses which are the backbone of the Fraser Coast economy, CLM Chartered Accountants partner Debbie Potts said.

While Ms Potts described the budget as a "jobs" budget, whether the intent is delivered after the July election is not known, she said.

FabSolutions Adam Vieglais said there were more than 5000 businesses in the region.

He said every dollar of tax saved is a dollar that can be re-invested back into the business.

"Hopefully these measures will assist in stimulating our regional economy, decreasing our unemployment," he said.

He said expanding businesses eligible for the tax break from those which earn $2 million or less to $10 million was great news.