IT would go down with eight of the toughest minutes in my cardio history, but a sweaty challenge worth the push.

I've climbed a 10,000 foot mountain in the Canadian Rockies, which involved a lot of stamina, but this quick stint of pure cardio was testing.

It was a fitness challenge similar to CrossFit at Universal Fitness at Hervey Bay.

Personal trainer Matt Logovik gave us the quick rundown before we strapped into the rowing machine.

At first it seemed a breeze as I worked hard to keep up with my opponent, and colleague Jordan Philp.

I would have been about 100m behind him as we moved onto the next exercise - the dreaded squats.

I could hear Jordan panting as I concentrated on the countdown before moving onto 30 sit-ups - one exercise I find quite easy.

It became a bit of a struggle as the heart rate increased on my set of 30 pushups, but I had the advantage on Jordan as I was given the green light to do the female version while he smashed out a set of mens.

While burpees increased the heart rate even more, this is one of my favourite exercises on the planet, so I was able to catch up to Jordan.

I didn't think I would make the last 500m on the rower but pushed through as I put my yogi mind into action and paid special attention to my breathing.

While I had managed to catch Jordan, he got a second wind and took out the top spot coming in at 8.04m.
We did it!

Best news of all; we were told the average first timer hits the 12 minute mark.

I do admit, I had to sit down at the end and felt a little ill in the stomach - but that's all part of the game!

The verdict:

Amy: 8.41m
Jordan: 8.6m
Average: 12 minutes