A ROGUE water buffalo, caught on camera roaming around the streets of Ayr, has wandered off into a cane field.

A Queensland Police Service spokesman said crews were called to Margaret St about 8.30pm on Friday to reports a water buffalo was roaming the street.

Reports suggested the animal was initially roaming a vacant block of land but had wandered down a main street.

Local resident Caitlin Przesmycki spotted the animal and quickly posted a video to a Burdekin Facebook page.

Other Facebook users were quick to respond, cracking jokes like "I hope Ayr does not have a China shop" and "No need to come to Spain to see the running of the bulls".

The animal ended up in a cane field near MacKenzie St about 11pm.

"There were no reports of traffic dramas as there wasn't too much traffic in Ayr at that time," the police spokesman said.

"There were no reports of any concerns of damage."