SO, I hear you ask.

What is a civil union really like?

I had never been to a same-sex ceremony until Saturday, either so I can understand the curiosity.

Turns out, it's exactly like every wedding I've ever been to.

Just two people celebrating their union looking utterly gorgeous.

I had tears in my eyes as they exchanged the vows that obviously meant so much to them.

And their families sat watching them proudly, ready to give hugs, kisses and well wishes at the conclusion of the ceremony.

The people who insist we need to use words other than marriage to describe this union confuse me.

This is marriage - two people combining their lives, dreams and aspirations in the most meaningful and special way imaginable.

A letter I received after I wrote an editorial on the subject of same-sex marriage suggested that the world was somehow "devalued" if it was used by the gay and lesbian community.

Well, if you're concerned about the word marriage being devalued, I suggest you write stern letter to Kim Kardashian.

The number of days her second marriage lasted didn't even hit triple digits.

Or what about Britney Spears, who casually married a friend in Las Vegas on a whim and then casually got the union annulled?

You'll excuse me if I think that straight people have done enough to devalue the notion of marriage all on their own.

I can't wait until marriage equality becomes a reality in this country.