Fraser Coast's water supply secure for at least 10 years

PEOPLE living in parts of the Fraser Coast have been promised to have enough water for the next 20 years, a recent water supply assessment shows.

The assessment of Hervey Bay and Maryborough's water supplies was conducted by the Wide Bay Water Corporation, Fraser Coast Regional Council and the Minister for Energy and Water Supply, Mark Bailey.

The team took into consideration predicted population growth, water consumption and possible water shortages before making the assessment.

It was determined that the Bay's current water sources - Lenthall Dam and the Burrum Weirs - would provide a high level of water security for Hervey Bay's needs for the next 10 years, and Maryborough's current water sources - Teddington Weir and the Mary Barrage - would meet Maryborough's needs until after 2036.

The minister said the two areas assessed would have a high level of water supply security to take them into the next decade.

"I've been assured that the water supply infrastructure for Hervey Bay and Maryborough will meet the needs of residents and businesses now and well into the future," Mr Bailey said.

Fraser Coast Mayor Gerard O'Connell said the assessments allowed the council to plan for the expected growth of the region.

"The regional population is predicted to grow at 3% a year so knowing where the water to service residents will come from is very important, Cr O'Connell said.

"Managing our water supply is more than just making sure we have enough dams and weirs; it's also about educating residents to use water wisely."