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WATERCOOLER: Bad Moms sign should be pulled

IT'S hard enough keeping kids on the straight and narrow, without having crap thrown in their faces - particularly from billboards in public spaces.

First it was crass slogans on Wicked Campers.

Now, a poster promoting the movie Bad Moms flipping the bird in the direction of the camera, is doing more to promote bad taste, albeit in a pixelated form.

The movie, from the makers of The Hangover, tells the story of three mums who are sick of all the rules about being the 'perfect mum'.

No doubt, it's a topic many stressed out parents can relate to.

The solution, according to the movie, is for the mums to drink copious quantities of spirits, make out with other women and stuff their faces with junk food.

It's hardly a great message.

If people want to go and watch it and have a laugh fine.


But when billboards are put up in public spaces displaying offensive gestures, where young kids can see them, it becomes an issue.

Regulations around billboards are stricter than late night television advertising for a good reason.

They are in your face, especially for commuters using Brisbane buses.

As Member for Moreton Graham Perrett says: "This isn't the internet, this isn't television, these are public spaces I am talking about."

Mr Perrett has published a number of racy novels so is no prude.

But he can see the line needs to be drawn somewhere.

He's urged those who object to  contact either the Lord Mayor's office on 3403 4400 or at, Adshel on 07 3250 8200 or at or Outdoor Media Association on 02 9357 9900.

What do you think? Are we going  too far in promoting bad behavior? Or is it all just harmless fun?