EROSION: Erosion along shore in Bates St, Boonooroo. Photo: Stuart Fast
EROSION: Erosion along shore in Bates St, Boonooroo. Photo: Stuart Fast

WATERFRONT WORRY: Coastal community’s shoreline drops away

EROSION along the shore at Boonooroo is a worrying sight, with the sea mere metres from properties.

The ground near the waters edge is weak, filled with holes and the shoreline drops away into the ocean.

For Boonooroo resident Robyn Ward, the gradually eroding shoreline meant properties along the waterfront were not protected during last year’s storm surges.

Ms Ward was echoed by fellow resident Aaron Best, who said the erosion over time will make future king tide and flooding events more concerning.

“It’s just a natural thing unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do other than building up the banks all along with concrete or that sort of thing.”

Fraser Coast Regional Council is aware of the erosion issue with Councillor Daniel Sanderson saying “the Fraser Coast region has historically experienced the impacts of coastal hazards such as tidal surge and erosion and these impacts are predicted to get worse into the future.”

“Council’s Coastal Futures: Planning Our Changing Coastline project is being undertaken to better understand the existing and future risks of coastal hazards to ensure they are appropriately managed now and in the long term,” Cr Daniel said.

“The strategy, which is nearing completion, will provide direction on a range of adaptation solutions from education and building resilience to prioritising where and when to invest in coastline protection.”

More information about the Coastal Futures project is available at: