"WE are broadcasting live from poop island" are words which either draw your attention and make you want to hear more - or have you turning away in disgust.

These are the words which came out of Channel Seven's Sunrise weather cross from Lady Elliot Island yesterday morning.

As part of Sunrise's "Lap of the Map" tour of Australia, journalist Nuala Hafner was on the island and asked Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort managing director Peter Gash what made the island unique.

Mr Gash said the island wasn't like a typical island such as Hayman and Hamilton but was in fact made of "poop".

The cross went back to the Sunrise newsroom where the hosts laughed and Mark Baretta said: "Well, that's taken a bit of the magic away hasn't it".

A reader commenting on the NewsMail's website commentors said they didn't like the suggestion of calling the island "poop".

"It was framed as humour more appropriate to a three-year-old. Very immature indeed," they said.

But others do not agree, saying any publicity is good publicity and it is what it is.

Mr Gash said he "ummed and ahhed" as to what to say when asked about the island but thought the island's composition was a scientific fact and he didn't want to mislead prospective visitors to the island.

"By telling the truth it has given us tremendous publicity," Mr Gash said.

"I don't think its going to deter people from coming here.

"Lady Elliot is a coral cay and is stunningly spectacular."

Member for Burnett Stephen Bennett said it was a bit of harmless fun.

"The fact that it has caused such a stir on social media can only mean further promotion of this iconic island and our region," he said

"If anyone has any doubts at all about this magnificent island, come on over and take a look for yourself.

"You will soon see there is more to Lady Elliot Island than 'poop'."

Bundaberg Regional Council economic development spokesman Greg Barnes said he had worked on the island as a scuba instructor during the mid-90s and said the description and history of the island was well articulated and would likely have created a point of interest among potential visitors.

"Peter Gash is without doubt one of Australia's most proactive, enthusiastic and qualified tourism operators and it was thrilling to see his passion for Lady Elliot portrayed around the nation on Seven's Sunrise program this morning," Cr Barnes said.

"His referral to it as 'poop island' was not only tastefully portrayed but also 100% correct and I would expect nothing less from someone with such impeccable environmental credentials," he said.

"Indeed, that single comment clearly explained to millions of viewers the unique difference between a coral cay and a rock island."

Bundaberg North Burnett Tourism general manager Rick Matkowski said "it's a fact of life" and Lady Elliot was very different to any other island around.

"We should be very proud of what it is," Mr Matkowski said.

"It's quirky and a gem in our region."