LOCAL SUPERSTAR: Ranger Annie Bauer on on Fraser Island.
LOCAL SUPERSTAR: Ranger Annie Bauer on on Fraser Island. Contributed.

We could be heroes...

WHAT does it take to be a hero?

In my opinion it's about taking risks, daring to be great (one of the motto's of our company), and being willing to push yourself beyond all pre-conceived limits, to fly where others fear.


This quote sums up my philosophy for business and life: "If you take a risk and succeed, you create a legacy". (If you don't, hey - there's always ice-cream and cupcakes.)

According to Nat Cook, five-time Olympian, courage isn't about how fast you run into battle.

It's about how you pick yourself up after a defeat.

For me, resilience represents true courage - and in today's world of instant gratification, it's important to remember that things of great significance (your life, your contribution, your legacy) are built on everyday acts of bravery.

With a little badassery in the mix.

Here are five people I feel represent what it means to be a hero:

Bozoma Saint John

I'LL admit, I have a serious #girlcrush on the Chief Brand Officer at Uber.

Google her interview with Glamour magazine.... she's amazing.

There are very few female role models in the corporate world who combine business smarts with a hot pink brand and total badassery.

Her success in the C-Suite as a black woman who started life as an immigrant from Ghana and smashed her way through the ceiling with an uncompromising approach to her own personal style and success is nothing short of inspiring.

Her Instagram handle is @badassboz ... need I say more?

She has my vote (yes, I want to be her when I grow up - a girl can dream).

Ranger Annie

LOCAL superstar, all-round best person ever, and "world famous" on Fraser Island.

Having worked in our adored sandpit for the past 20 years - first as a tour guide and now as the senior ranger at Kingfisher Bay Resort - Annie is Fraser's camp mum and now my fellow media partner in crime, doing everything she can to help us share the magic of K'gari to the world.

Oh and not to mention that she's run over 300 marathons.

The KBRG Marketing Team

UNSUNG heroes? Yeah, not in our office, we like to sing it.

We do have the dream job after all - promoting Fraser Island.

We're on a mission to put Fraser Island on the map, and we've grown our team and worked tirelessly to achieve some major wins in the past 12 months - generating over $2.1million worth of free media exposure for Fraser Island, securing the region's largest media and industry partnerships, and curating cutting-edge online campaigns.

We are not waiting for direction or support from outside sources - we are reinventing, risk-taking, and leading the charge.


Ben Southall


HOMECOMING: Best Job in the World Winner Ben Southall has returned to the Whitsundays where his success story began to pass valuable skills on to others.
HOMECOMING: Best Job in the World Winner Ben Southall has returned to the Whitsundays where his success story began to pass valuable skills on to others. Ben Southall

CHAMPION of epic adventures and endless energy.

After winning the Best Job In The World competition in the Whitsundays, Ben has gone on to travel endlessly and share his escapades (and how to have your own) on his blog and book on 'how to make a living from following your dreams'.

Next up: running for 48 hours across the sand tracks of Fraser Island to raise funds for a children's charity.

Doesn't sound like my personal idea of fun, but we'll support him all the way and live vicariously through his endeavour.

I love Ben because he epitomises the level of insanity you need to leave a legacy in the world.

Hello hero (even if he'd be the last to admit it).


Clinton Parker

MY ONE true love... champion of my heart, defender of our dreams, and conqueror of all obstacles that stand in our way.

One hundredpercent supportive of my aspirations and not at all threatened by successes.

We're a team, and I feel confident to go out and take on the world because I know he has my back at all times.

We've been together for almost 20 years and he's my hero in so many ways... but mostly because he can handle my kind of crazy - love you baby.