Yvette and Robert Green took over Maryborough Ten Pin last July.
Yvette and Robert Green took over Maryborough Ten Pin last July.

‘Could be making a fortune’: Mixed bag for M’boro business

AFTER months of closures, booking out lanes and turning people away is bittersweet for Maryborough Ten Pin'S owners.

Yvette and Robert Green took over the family business last July and said nothing could have prepared them for the year ahead.

Falling victim to the first round of forced shutdowns, the business would not reopen its doors for more than 10 weeks.

The couple said they lost $10,000 in food and drink alone.

Now back up and running at 50 per cent capacity, the pair said the community support had been overwhelming.

"We have been so busy all weekend and even most weekdays," Yvette said.

"It is so good to see people here enjoying everything but it is tough turning people away."

Currently, only every second lane is in use, to allow for effective social distancing.

Robert said if circumstances were difference, they could be "making a fortune" at the moment but instead are just paying the bills.

Yvette said one of the biggest challenges operating throughout the pandemic had been knowing all the rules they needed to adhere to.

"We fall under a sporting facility but also, because we are licensed, we have to follow the pubs and clubs rules too," she said.

Maryborough Ten Pin.
Maryborough Ten Pin.

The kitchen at the popular facility has remained closed since lockdown.

"We haven't been able to start selling hot food again because it is too much to manage and we just can't afford extra staff," Robert said.

"The people we would normally have making food we need to have on the door and cleaning."

Yvetter said the JobKeeper payments had been a big help in operating the past few months.

"We currently have two staff to help us have a break but without JobKeeper we wouldn't be able to afford to pay them and we would be running the centre alone," she said.

Yvette said she believed the influx of clients had been from people trying to get out of the house and have some fun.

"People are out looking for something to do so it is great to be able to welcome them down here," she said.

She said people had been travelling from out west and from Hervey Bay to play at the centre.

If anyone would like to play Ten Pin Bowling, booking ahead is advised.

For bookings or more information, go the Maryborough Ten Pin Facebook page.