MAIN PARADE: QUEENS Park in Maryborough is packed with hundreds of people who have gathered for Anzac Day.

Returned servicemen, school children, emergency service workers and defence force cadets have marched in the parade which started in Adelaide St.

DAWN SERVICE: HUNDREDS of people crowded around the cenotaph in Queens Park, Maryborough for the traditional dawn service.

This year marks 100 years of Anzac commemorative services.

Prior to the service at least 100 veterans and family marched through the half-lit streets proudly displaying their medals of service.

Among those was 95-year-old Beryl Wheeler who served as a major in New Guinea during World War II.

Mrs Wheeler marches each year in the parade, this year in a wheelchair.

"I don't think (Anzac Day) means as much as it did," she said.

Mr Wheeler said she was upset when she heard some areas were not going to continue with services.

The parade went from Adelaide St to the cenotaph where the veterans were welcomed by members of the public.

The Anzac's were recognised at the dawn service in Maryborough.