A 'sordid' drug history escalated as guns, ammo and narcotics were found in his house.
A 'sordid' drug history escalated as guns, ammo and narcotics were found in his house. monkeybusinessimages

Weapons arsenal found in 'kind' man's bedroom

A 'GENEROUS' drug dealer found with guns and more than 100 bullets has been told he will waste his life unless he addresses his own addiction.

Former Grafton man Paul Stephen Kruger was owed more than $155,268 when his drug enterprise was busted on the Gold Coast.

A bevy of drugs including ice, marijuana, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation pills were found in a bedroom.

On Tuesday, Brisbane Supreme Court heard six operable firearms including a handgun and pump-action shotgun were found.

So were 109 bullets Kruger was not allowed to have.

The court heard ice and the barbiturate-like drug GBL were found in a walk-in cupboard.

Initially Kruger, 36, told cops he'd moved from New South Wales just three days earlier and the bedroom was not his.

Then he admitted owning some drugs and firearms, then to possession of all the drugs.

The court heard Kruger's fingerprints were found on a tick book.

Defence counsel Angus Edwards said Kruger's drug problems started when a male relative introduced him to marijuana as a child.

The now estranged relative would allegedly even send Kruger drugs "in video cases through the mail” for the schoolboy to sell.

Later, Kruger's "problem drug” was ice after being introduced to it in his early 20s, Mr Edwards said.

The barrister said Kruger made serious efforts at rehab.

"His referees speak of him as a gentle man, a kind and generous man.”

Kruger was a "gun enthusiast” and these weapons were never used in violence, Mr Edwards said.

Justice Roslyn Atkinson said a gun enthusiast should know about gun ownership rules.

She said Kruger had a "sordid and sorry drug history” and a NSW criminal history.

He was previously jailed after a Lismore court appearance for drug supply.

His latest charges also included stealing $30 of petrol, improper syringe disposal and breaching bail.

He was jailed for six years and is eligible for parole on December 6, 2019.

Justice Atkinson said 30-somethings with serious drug problems "inevitably” offended.

But she said it was for Kruger to decide whether he'd be back in court in future.

"That, Mr Kruger, as is the rest of your life, is up to you.” -NewsRegional