WEATHER: Heavy rain soaks in across Fraser Coast

MUCH-NEEDED rain has fallen across the Fraser Coast on Saturday, with storms hit the region in the late afternoon.

In Maryborough 31.2mm has fallen, while in Hervey Bay 18mm has fallen.

There have been reports of flooding in Maryborough's Rocky St.

In Bidwill, 20mm of rain has fallen and 14mm fell over Teddington Weir.

At Owanyilla, 21mm was recorded, while at Magnolia, 32mm was recorded.

Torbanlea recorded 10mm, while Takura recorded 5mm.

Tiaro recorded 33mm of rain during the downpour.

In the last hour, 12mm has fallen at Booral Rd and 10mm has fallen at Black Swamp Creek.

At Ghost Hill, 26mm has been recorded in the past hour from 8pm.