James Farmer will be released on bail after thousands of child exploitative material was found at his Sarina home.
James Farmer will be released on bail after thousands of child exploitative material was found at his Sarina home.

Web ban: Painter allegedly caught with sadistic child images

A SARINA man allegedly found in possession of thousands of child exploitation images including sadism has been banned from using the internet.

Self-employed painter James Farmer has been in police custody after a search warrant allegedly uncovered the "substantial amount" of images and video, the majority in the most serious child abuse material categories, at his Sarina home.

Police prosecutor Robert Beamish told Mackay Magistrates Court today the material was found on eight devices including two hard drives, a USB and a cloud account.

In assessing the 55-year-old's bail application, Magistrate Bronwyn Hartigan said Mr Farmer had a "clear predilection" towards children and would face a "lengthy" imprisonment if found guilty.

"He is clearly interested in children and I can say that, because of the admissions he made," Ms Hartigan said.

"There's an extreme risk, an unacceptable risk of him getting out and going straight back on the internet and downloading more."

"He is clearly, I would go so far as to say addicted … to amassing significant category four and five material."

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Queensland law states category four material relates to penetrative sexual activity either between children or between children and adults.

Category five material includes sadism, bestiality or humiliation including urination, defecation, vomit and bondage or child abuse.

Defence lawyer Erin Beer, from Legal Aid Queensland, asked the magistrate to consider her client's previous two child exploitation convictions were 18 years ago.

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Ms Hartigan remanded Mr Farmer in custody but granted him bail on Tuesday providing his partner, who was in the court with her father, could prove to Sarina police she had removed all devices connected to the internet from their home.

"Your partner will need to make the house absolutely internet unfriendly," Magistrate Hartigan told Mr Farmer.

"She'll have to give away her phone, her tablets, computers."

Mr Farmer is also barred from attempting to connect to the internet at any other location, is unable to accept any painting work where a child under 18 is present and is not allowed to be around or speak to friends or family members under 18.

"If you've even got the smallest thumb drive, you'll be back in custody and I suggest you're going to stay there," Ms Hartigan said.