EDITORIAL: Weight loss struggle is worthwhile

THERE'S almost as many different weight loss tactics out there as there are desperate dieters.

Former editor Peter Chapman's column on Thursday was one that divided readers - and dieticians - as he plans to avoid breakfast in his own attempt to lose some kilos.

It might not be the most popular way to shed excess baggage, but Peter's not alone in his struggle.

With two-thirds of the Fraser Coast population overweight, I'm sure there will be more than a few people inspired by the story of Maryborough's Kelly Reid, who lost a weight equivalent to that of a fully-grown woman.

Even more astonishing is that she did it the slow and steady way, changing her diet and adding exercise.

Everyone is desperate for a quick fix, but sometimes the sensible option is what can seem like the hardest one.

Weight loss surgery is not an easy way out. It is a serious operation and requires permanent lifestyle changes.

If you're serious about losing weight through healthy eating and exercise alone, that's also a permanent lifestyle change - but it's one that will drastically improve your life.

Kelly is living proof of that, and sets a great example for everyone on the Fraser Coast who wants to boost their health.

As someone wise once said, there's only one diet that really works: the one that you can stick to.