Samuel Johnson’s silver Logie is seen just hours before it was stolen in a Melbourne pub.
Samuel Johnson’s silver Logie is seen just hours before it was stolen in a Melbourne pub. Contributed

Weird explanation over ‘great Logie robbery’

THE man who stole Samuel Johnson's Silver Logie during a charity event has claimed he is being painted as a "heartless thief" after the prized gong disappeared from a Melbourne pub on Wednesday night.

Johnson, who won the Silver Logie along with the Gold Logie for his performance as Molly Meldrum in the TV miniseries, Molly, donated the Logie to a pub in Brunswick, an inner suburb of Melbourne, spruiking his sister's charity.

Punters were able to pose and take selfies with the Logie in exchange for a donation to Johnson's charity, Love Your Sister.

Police were called to The Brunswick Hotel just before 8pm Wednesday following reports the Logie had gone walkabout.

According to Victoria police, it is believed two men entered the pub and ordered drinks before grabbing the Logie and making a getaway for it.

"So many people have come in tried to take photos with it, and did the whole 'I'm going to take off with it'," Brunswick hotel owner Richard Kruk told Nine News.

Johnson reportedly thought it was a joke when he was told his Logie was stolen.

"I think these guys thought it was a joke as well."

The Logie was found dumped in the bushes of a golf course.

But the man responsible for stealing the Logie, identified as Jake, appeared on Triple M's Hot Breakfast this morning, claiming the theft was for a charitable cause and he underwent the operation with another mate, Darcy.

"The only reason why I did it was for charity. He advertised that if it goes missing, in two weeks, the insurance deal he cut with the owner was 50c from every single beer is going to go to the cancer foundation for a lifetime," Jake told Eddie Maguire and the team.

"He advertised, live on TV, anyone who comes and steal this Logie is going to do a great cause for cancer. So he pretty much baited it, I'm from Melbourne mate, so I had to step up.

"That was my cause for cancer, that's why I did.

"Now they are trying to throw if back in my face like I'm just a heartless thief."

"I knocked it off, I scoped it out, I went there [the pub] three times, I spoke to the owner, I did what no one else can do in Melbourne.

"I did a good deed."

The Silver Logie was in pride of place at the pub before being stolen.
The Silver Logie was in pride of place at the pub before being stolen. Eugene Hyland

The Logie is back in safe hands. Johnson will not be pressing any charges.

Jake said he went to the pub with a "whole heap of mates" the first time, but felt it wasn't the right opportunity to take the Logie.

He said the second time, he was drinking with the owner, Mr Kruk, with the Logie in his hand, when he asked him directly, "if this thing goes missing, is it true you have to pay 50 cents a beer for a lifetime?"

Mr Kruk allegedly replied: "Yes it is true" before "whipping it out of my hands" and asking for security.

The third and final attempt, the successful attempt, Jake said it had to be done.

"If I don't do it, no one is going to do it. I went in with my mate, I boosted him up, he didn't want to do it. I went in there man, it was in and out. Went to the bar, ordered a beer, go to guy, 'man can I have a look at that Logie if I put a donation?'."

Within seconds, Jake grabbed it and it was "out the door, gone. Did a runner."

Jake lamented over the fact he was "shattered" he was only able to take one sip of beer.

Samuel Johnson donates his silver Logie to mate Richard Kruk at the Brunswick Hotel. It was later stolen. Picture: Eugene Hyland
Samuel Johnson with his silver Logie at mate Richard Kruk’s pub before the theft. Eugene Hyland

"We took off around the street, the vehicle was parked in a car park. I kept running, about four men were chasing us.

"Before we even get home, they must have got the numberplate, we're getting messages from the police to 'come back'.

"My mate is freaking out, I go to him, don't worry about it man, I'll wear whatever charge, I'm doing this for pride, for charity."

Jake eventually rang the police and handed himself in.

He held the Logie for ransom until he could get Samuel Johnson on the phone.

"He was laughing, I asked him for 24-hours so I could go around show my mates. He was almost down for it."

Jake said he had to throw it in the golf course because "everyone wanted to hold it".