EDITORIAL: What a weekend for the Fraser Coast.

The annual Technology Challenge has grown from a small event with just 16 teams in the inaugural race in 2002, to an incredible 118 teams who raced around the clock on Saturday and Sunday.

This can be put down to the work of the organisers, volunteers and students who work so hard to make the event a highlight of the school calendar each year.

It's a great opportunity for our young people to show their skills and perseverance, from the challenges of building the modified bicycles to the endurance and teamwork required to keep the machines moving for 24 hours.

But it's also a fantastic chance to showcase our beautiful region to the thousands of people who come from out of town.

While Hervey Bay and Fraser Island draw the lion's share of visitors to our region, there's more to the Fraser Coast than just humpbacks and beaches.

Maryborough events like the Tech Challenge, Relish food festival, Mary Poppins and the World's Greatest PubFest are drawing attention from all over the country.

If Fraser Coast Opportunities plays its cards right, the guests might come for the whales - but they'll be back to explore the full breadth of what the Fraser Coast has to offer.