EMBARRASSED: Sunbury coach Andrew Howlett was fuming at his side's 6-1 defeat.
EMBARRASSED: Sunbury coach Andrew Howlett was fuming at his side's 6-1 defeat. Matthew McInerney

'We're not Premier League standard at the moment'

FOOTBALL: Sunbury coach Andrew Howlett could not hide his frustration after his team's 6-1 defeat by Brothers Aston Villa.

The Maryborough club journeyed to Bundaberg attempting to climb the WBPL ladder but left the coach shaking his head in frustration.

"I can't coach attitude, pride or commitment,” Howlett said.

"We're not Premier League standard at the moment.”

The team was without six regular players but the coach was not using that as an excuse.

"I expect whoever plays to have a go,” he said.

"It was the most embarrassing 90 minutes of my footballing life.”

Lightning, or in this case lighting, struck twice for Granville in their match against Buccaneers.

After last week's match against the KSS Jets was abandoned due to a light failure, it happened again on Saturday .

With seven minutes remaining in a match that had yet to net a goal, the lights failed for the second time.

Richard Kimber from the Granville club gave praise to the efficiency of Ergon Energy.

"Credit to Ergon, they came out straight away and fixed it.” Kimber said. "Agreement by the referee and both teams was reached and the game was called.”

The KSS Jets travelled to Maryborough and secured a 2-0 win against Doon Villa at Villa Park.

Assistant coach Josh Hobbs was full of praise for Doon Villa.

"We could only play as well as Doon Villa let us,” he said.

"It was only for the brilliance of Mat Capelo and his two goals that got the win.

"Without that it could have been a lot different result.”

Across the Waves remain the team to beat, defeating United Warriors 6-0.

The result from Bingera and United Park Warriors was unavailable at the time of going to print.