We're paying too much: readers react to rates comparison

GIVEN our rates are more expensive than most regional towns across Queensland, it's no surprise Fraser Coast residents think we're paying too much.

 A recent review has revealed rates on the Fraser Coast are up with the most expensive when compared to other major regional towns. 

While Cairns has the cheapest rates, the Fraser Coast was the second most expensive behind Mackay and about $100 more than our neighbouring city Bundaberg.

On Facebook Craig Rowan says our rates are 'bloody ridiculous.'

Howard resident Zjena Kljinskovic says she's going to pay nearly $2000 in rates without town water and sewerage.

Sandra Day says years ago people admired the houses along the Esplanade but knew they could never buy one because the rates were so high but now this was the case everywhere. 

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Denise Hatch was surprised to see Cairns had the cheapest rates but was happy knowing we weren't the most expensive. 

"How can Cairns, which is a tourist town also, have such low rates...is it the people running our towns?" she said. 

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